Memoire Wedding venue – Nico & Bianca – Their “always-and-forever” magical wedding

"Memoire wedding photography"

This post is going to be a long personal post for me.  You see I am the eldest of five children and this was the weekend of my baby brother’s 😉 wedding.  The last wedding in our family.  As a wedding photographer I attend weddings every weekend, I know weddings I live and breathe them every day.  But this one was different, this one was so much more personal.  To be there behind the scenes every step of the way was just so special.

So let me tell you the story of Nico and Bianca and there always and forever magical wedding at Memoire.  Memoire is a stunning venue close to the cradle of humankind.  I love Memoire, they are professional, their venue is absolutely gorgeous and the food is delicious.  Memoire was the perfect venue for this picture perfect couple (okay, so I am a bit biased – he is my brother after all)

We arrived at Memoire and after all the hello’s we went into wedding photographer mode and started capturing all the beautiful detail created by Café Fleur.  When you enter a reception hall you can immediately recognize Café Fleur’s talented, beautiful and elegant style.  The venue was filled with dusty pink and velvety coffee colour roses, beautiful silver candelabras, candles and crystal.

Next up was getting Nico ready.  He looked absolutely handsome in his Tok Yo Jo suit.  Bianca created this beautiful box for him with all his wedding details for the day.  I have to mention Nico’s ring, he has a beautifully designed Jenna Clifford ring with our family crest on.  Just in case you look at the photos and you think you are seeing double, Nico is part of a twin.  The one that looks exactly like him is also my baby brother Len.

Nico was getting rather nervous about their vows, so we left him to “practise” and went to Bianca’s room (my now brand new sister) Morné Marx was responsible for hair and makeup on the day.  He is one of my oldest friends and my go to guy for hair and makeup (he does hair and makeup for 7de Laan and just know how to enhance the beauty of any lady)  Bianca is beautiful any given day of the week but when I saw her for the first time she took my breath away.  She is exquisite!  Her dress was a stunning creation by Ian Stuart.  Confetti Bridal Couture are the exclusive stockist of his stunning dresses.  She is also the only person I know that can walk in 6 inch heels the whole wedding day without complaining.

It was time for their ceremony, excitement was in the air.  Between my sisters and I we have 7 kids, 6 of them were part of the wedding ceremony.  They were super excited but the moment got a bit big for the smaller ones, so cute!  Nico had this big smile, he looked as if he could burst with pride any second.  Bianca was radiant walking down the aisle on the arm of her dad.  They had a beautiful ceremony in which they promised their love to each other.  Husband and wife, friends and lovers, always and forever.

Now what is meant as a blog post is turning into a book, so I will stop writing and share the photos.  Bianca (not the most patient woman in the world) have been waiting patiently for me to get to her photos.  No preferential treatment were given to bump her photos to the top of the list.  Amazingly she never complained – it was my sister that kept on whining 😉 Oooo before I forget my mom made the beautiful wedding cake.

I will post their decor photos in a separate post, this one is way too full by now.  Bianca and Nico, we love you!  Your day was super special.