"Professional wedding photographer"

In this section I will explain what questions to ask a photographer and our answers on these questions.  This is an ongoing piece that I will add to every now and again.  If you have a question you would love answered feel free to mail me.

Does the photographer use high-end cameras and lenses?

Ask what equipment and very important backup equipment your photographer will be bringing to your wedding.  Equipment can fail and it is how your photographer is going to deal with the equipment failure that will make or break your wedding photography.  We use high-end professional Canon equipment for all our shoots.  Our kit bag include 2 x Canon 5D mark III, Canon 7D, Canon EF 70 – 200 mm F 2.8 IS II USM, EF 24 – 105 mm F 4 L IS USM, 50 mm an 28 mm.

The Nikon equivalent of a Canon 5D mark III is a D800.  Your photographer should have either of these as a minimum specification.

What experience does the photographer have?

Ask the photographer how many years they have been doing this.  Experience should give you a clear indication as to the ability of your photographer.  Experience will give you the assurance that your photographer will be able to handle any situation that may present itself.  Weddings don’t always have the perfect lighting conditions and your photographer should be able to handle any lighting situation from perfect sunny skies to dark and rainy days.  When you look at the photographer’s portfolio keep a look out for photos in different lighting conditions.  You should be able to see how they handle lighting in dark venues, night photography and sunset photos or when the weather took a turn for the worse.

We are a husband and wife team who have been doing this for the past 10 years.

Does the photographer’s portfolio contain real weddings?

Every workshop I have attended in the last couple of years advises aspiring young photographers to photograph styled shoots.  Then to use this as their portfolios and on their websites.  I don’t have a problem with styled shoots, I love styled shoots.  I do however have a problem with photographers not being upfront about the amount of styled shoots they showcase as real weddings.  Styled shoots give you a glimpse of the ability of a photographer when everything is perfect.  Weddings are imperfectly perfect, timelines more often than not run late, the bride has a wardrobe or a makeup malfunction and the weather decides not to play along on the wedding day.  Only through experience do you learn how to deal with these situations.

We showcase only real weddings in our portfolio and on our blog.

How secure are your images?

Every now and again you will hear the story of a bride without wedding photographs.  More often than not this happened due to the fact that the photographer only kept one copy of the wedding photographs.  Hard drives fail and computers get stolen, it is important to have sufficient backup to ensure that nothing happens to your precious memories.

We have three copies at all times on backup ensuring that your wedding photos will be safe.

"Professional wedding photographer"

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