Cussonia Crest | Dewald & Mercia Forever!

"Wedding Photography - Cussonia Crest"

This was our first wedding that we photographed at Cussonia Crest in De Wildt on the outskirts of Brits.  What a lovely venue!  They have a huge beautiful chapel with stairs that made me think of the song “Stairway to heaven”  That must be what a bride and groom feel when they climb those stairs to say their I do’s 😉 The reception venue is just as beautiful, spacious and beautifully decorated with fairly lights and draping, the perfect romantic ambiance.  It was in this stunning setting Dewald and Mercia said their I do’s.

Driving to Brits we were 110% certain that it was going to be raining and cold but the weather cleared leaving us with amazing light in which to photograph their romantic session.  A wedding day always seems to go faster than any other day and all too soon we had to let this lovely couple return to their guests.

Mercia and Dewald, we loved witnessing your union and the love you share for one another.  You guys are perfectly suited and we wish you loads of laughter and happiness in the years to come.

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