Elegant wedding of Jay and Jenna at Morrells Boutique Venue

"Morrells Wedding Photography"

In the heart of Northcliff is the beautiful and very elegant Morrells Boutique venue.  With so much attention to detail, nooks and crannies all beautifully landscaped and laid out this venue is definitely every photographers dream.  When you add a warm, fun loving couple such as Jay and Jenna to the mix you just know that this will be a wedding to remember.

One thing that I will never forget about their wedding was being stung by a wasp.  This happened during Jay and the groomsmen shoot.  I felt like laughing and crying all at the same time.  Who knew that a tiny little insect can pack such a punch?  I sucked it up and the rest of the wedding flew by without a hitch.  Days later I still had this itchy reminder about their beautiful wedding.

Jay and Jenna, thank you for trusting us to capture your beautiful wedding.  We had loads of fun!

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