Fiery Sunset Wedding of Theon and Raquel


We ended this very hectic wedding season with a bang!  Every now and then you get this amazing sunset that turns to fire in the sky.  Usually they don’t coincide with a wedding, or not for me in any case.  But today was one of those very special days where we had the opportunity to have a stunning couple in front of our cameras when the clouds worked their magic.  Today was the wedding day of Theon and Raquel!  The decided to get married at Diep in die Berg in Pretoria.  Raquel is a beautiful woman inside and out, soft spoken with a ready smile.  Theon wore his heart on his sleeve the moment she stepped through the chapel doors.  They had a beautiful ceremony that ended with Theon’s father blessing the couple.  Their wedding was a beautiful celebration of the union of two lovely families.  We loved capturing their wedding day.

Theon and Raquel we wish you love and happiness with many more fiery sunsets!