Glenburn Lodge wedding – Hannes & Rohanda

"Glenburn Lodge Wedding"


The day the whole world stood still to lay to rest the Father of our Nation was also the day we celebrated his life in a wonderful unique manner.  We celebrated the love of two people for one another.  We celebrated a wedding!

It was the stylish Glenburn Lodge wedding of Hannes and Rohanda. I had the privilege to photograph this stunning couple during their engagement session.  From the moment I had these two in front of my camera magic just started happening.  I knew that their wedding would be just as beautiful as the engagement session.

Hannes and Rohanda chose the picturesque Glenburn Lodge for their wedding.  Glenburn lodge weddings has ample photographic opportunities.  You can spend a whole day photographing there and never run out of options to use.

Hannes and Rohanda, we enjoyed being part of your wedding day.  You will definitely have a lot of stories to tell your children one day 😉  We wish you loads of happiness for your future together!  Enjoy the preview!

Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-01Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-03Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-04Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-05Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-06Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-07Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-09Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-11Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-13Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-16Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-17Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-20Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-21Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-22Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-23Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-26Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-28Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-29Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-32Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-34Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-36Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-47Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-49Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-53"Glenburn Lodge Wedding""Glenburn Lodge Wedding"Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-62Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-64Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-66Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-69"Glenburn Lodge Wedding"Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-71Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-74Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-77Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-78Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-81Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-83Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-84Glenburn-Lodge-Wedding-87