Indaba Hotel Wedding – Peter & Chanelle married!

"Indaba Hotel wedding"

I hate writers block! Every now and again I can’t find the words to string one perfect sentence together.  I write my stories in photographs, telling the tale of a beautiful wedding one photograph at a time.  Painting a story in words is not one of my strong points.  Today is one of those days!  I have been staring at the screen for 30 minutes, posting useless comments on facebook and I can’t find the words to describe Peter and Chanelle’s beautiful wedding.  They got married at the Malvern Catholic church and their reception took place at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways.  I want to tell you that they are a stunning couple, that I loved Chanelle’s dress, the words on Peter’s shoes.  I want to tell you about their families, that they had a huge wedding with friends that love them.  That we enjoyed every minute spend with them, that the sun set to soon and their day went so fast.  I want to tell you about their couple photographs, the gorgeous winter light we had during the couple photographs and the stunning night photographs we were able to create.  But today eloquent sentences elude me and on the other side of this post I know they are patiently but anxiously awaiting their sneak peak.  Soooo, I have given up on the grammatically correct, beautiful sentences and left you with the ramblings of a wedding photographer struggling to write.

But Chanelle and Peter we loved being part of your wedding day!  We wish you everything that is beautiful for your future together!  And yes Peter, now she is yours!

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