L’Aquilla wedding photography | Scholtz & Charlene married!


"L'Aquila wedding photography"

It was our first time photographing at the very beautiful L’Aquilla wedding venue on the outskirts of Pretoria.  We decided to use L’Aquila as the background for all their photographs before the ceremony as well as the family photographs.  For their couple photographs we decided on Sammy Marks.  They are about 10 minutes from L’Aquila.  If you are a wedding photographer reading my blog you should be warned that you need to make arrangements to be able to shoot there.   They charge a reasonable fee to photograph weddings and engagement photographs there.  You have a wide variety of beautiful backgrounds to use.  When you time your photography session there perfectly, you get gorgeous light to work with.

Scholtz and Charlene are a stunning couple to work with.  I had the privilege to meet up with them before their wedding day for their engagement session.  You can view their engagement session here.  We had a stunning day for their wedding, beautiful light and no rain!  The forecast for the day was icy cold with rain, rain and rain!  They got it sooooo wrong, again!  We had a rain plan set for the day but had no need for it.

Scholtz and Charlene you are a beautiful couple.  I can see why your family and friends love you so much.  May your future together be blessed in abundance!

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