Martin & Yolandé – Tres Jolie – Ruimsig

Gauteng Wedding Photographer

The smell of rain was in the air as we drove to Tres Jolie in Ruimsig.  This was going to be a cold day, all the signs were there, clouds, wind and some soft drops of rain.  The venue was decorated beautifully and ahead of schedule.  Tres Jolie’s staff are very efficient that way.  When we finished up with the decor photos we met up with Martin and his brother for some pre-wedding photographs.  They were in high spirit, not even the cold could dampen it.  All to soon we had to wrap up their pre-wedding photography session and travel to Yolandé.  Yolandé looked absolutely stunning!  I loved the soft braid in her hair, the stunning shoes and the dress that was do die for.  A picture perfect packages and to top it all off she braved the cold Gauteng winters day, never once stopped smiling and never showing any sign of the icy cold breeze.  Right on time we travelled back to Tres Jolie for the ceremony.  I adore the beautiful moment Yolandé and her dad had just before they walked down the aisle.

Now it is said that the weather in the Cape can turn on a dime.  Well, these days Gauteng is not that far behind.  What started out as a cold day turned into s stunning warm winters day.  We had gorgeous soft winter light to work with for their romantic photographs.  As we finished up with the last of their wedding photographs the wind started picking up again and gone was the warm Gauteng winters day.  A cosy fire waited for us inside the venue, pure bliss.  Later the evening in the freezing cold we went outside to capture some night photographs.  They turned out to be some of my favourites for the day!

Martin and Yolandé we loved being your wedding photographers.  May you be blessed with a lifetime a happiness!  Enjoy the preview 🙂

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