Memoire | The wedding of Kevin and Kerry


Memoire is a picture perfect venue in the heart of the wedding mile.  Their extraordinary eye for detail and their well-kept grounds makes Memoire the perfect setting for wedding photographs.  Add to the mix a fun couple such as Kevin and Kerry and you have any wedding photographers dream mix.

Upon arrival at Memoire we were greeted by the sound of laughter coming from the girl’s room.  The preparation where well under way, so after saying hello we left them to start with Kevin’s photographs.  Kevin was calm and relaxed, ready to get this day started.  I will never forget the tears running down his cheeks as he watched Kerry walking down the aisle.  This was a match made in heaven!

We loved every second of their couple photographs.  Kevin and Kerry worked with us at a frantic pace to get every possible second of beautiful light out of their day.  Thank you guys, you rocked!

I would love to tell you all more about their wedding but I think the photos will tell a nicer story.  I am a far better photographer than story writer.  I would have loved to tell you about the yummy food at their reception, the party and dancing that went well into the night (it is not often that we see such a jam packed dance floor), their stunning family and friends, but I fear my words have left me.  So without trying to get it all out in words, I will show it to you in photograph.

Kevin and Kerry may your wedding day be the start of a long and happy life together, wishing you both many more days filled with lots of wonderful memories!

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