Memoire wedding – Jacques & Claire

"Memoire wedding photography"

I love photographing weddings at Memoire and when Claire asked me to photograph their wedding at Memoire I was ecstatic.  Claire is fun loving, down to earth and so pretty!  Jacques is always ready with a kind word and full of smiles.  Yet again I am a bit biased because this time it was my sister in law’s sister (Claire) getting married.  Memoire Wedding venue in the wedding mile’s slogan, “where every moment is a memory” held true for the beautiful wedding of Jacques and Claire. This very special couple lives in the moment and you could truly sense that this was not just another day in their lives but a moment they will remember and cherish for ever.

When we arrived at Memoire, their venue was beautifully decorated by the very talented and efficient Café Fleur.  Silver and crystal was at the order of the day with lovely blue hues of colour.  I have never seen the beautiful blue flowers they have used before, elegant and stunning.

Jacques arrived smiling and excited for this day to start.  Note to all the grooms out there – get instructions for tying a tie.  A blond joke I heard before about a light bulb kept on popping into my head while watching them – How many groomsmen does it take to knot a tie? 😉

Claire looked radiant in her beautiful princess dress, a true fairy tale in the making.  She never stopped smiling all the way down the aisle and had her eyes fixed on Jacques.

We had so much fun during the couple photographs and there was gorgeous creamy light.  I was sad to see the light fading and the time for their reception coming closer.  With a couple such as Jacques and Claire time always seem to go by a bit faster than usual.

We wish you love, laughter and fun in abundance!  Enjoy the preview to your wedding photographs! 😉

"Memoire wedding photography"



Venue:  Memoire

Flowers & Decor:  Cafe Fleur

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