Michelangelo Hotel Wedding – Terrance and Natasha

"Michelangelo Hotel Wedding"

As South Africa was in mourning and about to lay to rest Madiba, we were driving to the wedding of Terrance and Natasha coincidently close to Nelson Mandela Square.  Their wedding was going to be a  Michelangelo hotel wedding, stylish, elegant and very different to traditional wedding venues.  I could have not asked for a better way to spend such a historical day.  Terence and Natasha grew close to my heart from the very first moment I met with them.  Natasha has a warm, bubbly personality with an ever ready smile.  Terence makes me think of Dominic Toretto (I am a fan off the Fast & Furious franchise) although I don’t know what he will say about that 😉

For their wedding we had the very elegant and beautiful Davinchi Hotel, Michelangelo Hotel and Michelangelo Towers to work with as the backdrop for their wedding.  We were in 7th Heaven!  We had a beautiful couple to work with and stunning backdrops.  I still don’t understand why it just feels as if time flies when we are at a wedding.  In a blink of an eye they day is over and it is time to say our good byes.

I need to make special mention of Morné Marx who once again have been the stylist for Natasha.  He does such an amazing job and is always timeous.

Terrance and Natasha your wedding was beautiful.  Terrance, the way you looked at Natasha I will always remember.  Natasha, your vibrance, smile and all the personal messages you send leading up to your wedding will always be treasured and remembered.  We loved being part of your wedding day!  We wish you love and laughter in abundance for your married life together!

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