My Favourite wedding photographs

When I first thought about writing this blog post I wanted to name it my Top 10 wedding photographs, it sounds so catchy 😉 but I decided against it.  By saying 10 I have to limit myself to a number and today I don’t want to be limited.  I want to add to these photos without having to take some out.  So keep on checking back, I will be adding more wedding photographs I love every so often.  I will also give you the reason why I love this photograph, perhaps it will help you in the future to read a photograph.

This was an unplanned in the moment photograph we took at Memoire, a beautiful venue in the Wedding Mile.  Claire and Jacques loves socializing with their friends and their wedding was one big party.  While they were relaxing with friends I saw the opportunity for a great photograph to show their love for relaxing with their friends but taking time out to just be with one another.

"Wedding Photography"

I love this next photograph.  Beautiful light beams fell across the chapel floor at the wedding of Raquel and Theon just as the little flower girl motioned for her brother to come and join her closer to the door.

"Wedding Photography"

My brother got married at Memoire and almost at the end of their evening we photographed this shot that I just love of them taking time out for each other.

"Memoire wedding photography"

I captured this photograph of Phumi and Kensiwe after saying their I do’s at the Indaba Hotel.  Kensiwe wanted an outside wedding more than anything else and it looked like rain right until she walked down the aisle.  It was a leap of faith that made her insist on not moving the ceremony indoors.  This made the sun flare in this photograph very special.

"Wedding Photographs"

Léan and Adél decided on a “first look” on their wedding day.  This photograph was taken just after they saw each other for the first time.  I love the stillness and the simplicity of this photograph.

"Wedding photographs"

This was one of the last photographs we took of Chris and Lise for their couple photographs.  I love the dramatic light in this photograph.

"Wedding Photography"We captured the photograph below during the couples wedding reception at Tres Jolie in Ruimsig.  It was a wet, cold and windy evening when we went outside to take this next photograph.  We used off camera flash to light the couple from behind.  The wind picked up droplets from the fountain and the light coming from the flash captured them in place.  Our eyes are naturally drawn to the lightest part of a photograph, in this instance the couple.  The droplets and rim light adds extra drama to this photograph.

"Night wedding photography"

It was pouring right before Windsor an Robyn’s romantic couple photos at Forum Homini in Krugersdorp.  Everything was wet and glistening from the rain.  We asked them to get up on the roof of the building for this photograph.  At that moment the sun come out from behind the clouds, happiness!  Visually it has a lot going on, the pillars lead your eyes up towards the couple and the pathway takes your eyes into the background and up towards the sun.  For me it creates a dramatic portrait.

"Wedding Photography"

The photograph below is all about lines.  The lines move your eyes from left to right but the lightness of her against the darkness of the stairs stops your eyes before leaving the frame.  I also love the way she sits and the fact that she is looking into the open space next to her.

"Wedding Photography"

I love this next photograph that we took at Ndlovu Lodge just out of Pretoria.  The light came in perfectly from the window to create a focal point with light to show off her stunning dress and shape.  The handrails and stairs also form a subtle line for your eyes to follow towards her and it keeps your focus on her.

"Gauteng Wedding Photography"

The promise of rain in the distance always make visually beautiful photographs.  We had this opportunity at Le Souvenir in Klerksdorp.  Beautiful skies are a treat for a photographer and it never happens as often as we would like it to.  So when I got the opportunity for a clean, cloudy photograph, I grabbed it.  The couple stands out against the clouds in the background.


The sunset at Galagos created this beautiful rim light around the couple.  It separates them from the background for a clean, elegant photograph.

"Galagos weddings"

Mongena Game Lodge was the setting for the next photograph.  I love this photograph for its simplicity, it is clean without any distractions to the couple.  It reminds me of a “I wish you were here” postcard.

"Gauteng Wedding Photography"