Night Wedding Photography

"Night Wedding Photography"

Night wedding photography is one part of the wedding day schedule that I absolutely love.  I would go so far as to say that I insist more on these night photography sessions than my wedding couples.

I have a couple of reasons why I love these session and not all of them is about the gorgeous photos we can create for you.  For most couples the wedding day passes by in a blur of emotions.  This session gives you that time to pause and reflect a bit.  It is just about you, the beauty of the day and the romance of your perfect night.

The evening has a special kind of beauty that transform every venue into something magical.   We love capturing that magic for you.   By scheduling a time for this session you get to experience your wedding venue outside.

The night session also add that wow factor to your album.   Something that not every wedding photographer offer.  It ends of your album beautifully.

The first question couples usually ask me about these night photography sessions is where it fits into the wedding day timeline.  I sit down and discuss your schedule with you and together we find the perfect slot for it.  One where you will have some alone time but your guests will not even notice you stepped out for a while.  We don’t need a lot of time to create these magical images so you can rest assured and know that we will not keep you to long from your guests.

The next question is usually what you need to bring for this session.  It is so easy, we bring all the specialized lighting equipment necessary to create the images for you.  Even if your venue is in the middle of the bush with only the stars to light your way we can create night photos for you.

So these are the reasons I love night wedding photography, magical images at the end of your day to wow your family and friends with and end of your album perfectly.   I can’t wait to create some of these magical images for you.

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