Oxbow wedding venue – Lindi & Ivan married

"Oxbow wedding venue"

Oxbow wedding venue is a beautiful venue in Bronkhorstspruit .  Once you step through Oxbow’s entrance you are transported to a magical world of large dams with ample trees and beautiful gardens.  The sound of hundreds of birds welcome you as you enjoy the scenic view.  Lindi and Ivan decided on Oxbow wedding venue for their wedding celebrations.

Two days prior to Lindi and Ivan’s Oxbow wedding was the start of a heatwave that would reach its peak the day before their wedding and might end with a couple of thunderstorms. It was hot and dry.  Driving to Oxbow there was not a cloud in sight and no sign of relief from the heat.

We met up with Ivan and then Lindi for their getting ready photos.  I love spending time with both the groom and the bride before the ceremony.  They were very relaxed and existed for the start of their ceremony.  I have to mention Lindi’s gorgeous Hayley page dress and her shoes was to die for.

As their ceremony approached clouds started gathering and the wind was picking up.  I never really thought it was going to rain.  How many times have we seen the clouds gather and have the sound of thunder in the air just to see it disappear?

On this day it rained and not just a light rain.  It came down in buckets along with some hail.  The sky stayed dark and although the rain eventually did subside it never stopped.

Plan B for their wedding photos were in full swing.  It is times like these I am truly thankful for the low-light capabilities of our equipment and the years of experience behind us.  Despite it raining and being quite dark we were able to capture beautiful wedding photos for them.

Lindi and Ivan we loved being part of your wedding.  We wish you all that is beautiful and magical for your journey together.

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Service suppliers who helped create this gorgeous Oxbow wedding venue wedding:

Venue:  Oxbow country estate – a big thank you to Roelan Grabie, our wedding co-ordinator for the evening.  Your assistance and patience helped alot.  I also have to mention the food at Lindi and Ivan’s wedding was delicious, professional served by their friendly staff.

Decor:  Bliss Floral Creations

Dress: Hayley Page

DJ:  Zoo Sound