Photographs for me

Saturday was a real early start for me.  I set my alarm for 4:30 🙁 just enough time to leave at 5:00.  This time it was not for an early morning wedding but a photography session all for me!  I arrived at Morné to get my hair and makeup done.  If I was going to do this, I was going to do this perfectly.  Morné is one of the best in the industry.  Working with All Access, Isidingo and now 7de Laan he is makeup artist and hairdresser extraordinaire.  You can even catch him now in the latest edition of Sarie.  I knew I was in good hands!  Morné expertly transformed me from mommy of two into glamorous.  On this point ladies, you have to make use of a professional makeup artist such as Morné for your big day.  They will use professional makeup that will last you through the day (even the following day, I loved my makeup so much I went to bed with it.  Come morning I still looked perfect!) and advise you on the perfect hairstyle to suite your face shape and dress style.

I have been putting off having photos of myself on my blog, Facebook page and Google+ for some time now.  I love being behind the camera, in front … well not so much.  So when my friend and fellow photographer Hannalee said she wanted to do a shoot with me I nearly fell of my chair and had a heart attack.  I could never be model for a day.  My heart told me it was time; I can in all honesty say that I don’t have any stunning photographs of myself.  Tons of my kids but none of me!  So while my head screamed don’t my heart said yes and all the excuses just fell away.  I booked my date and tried not to think about the day coming closer.

Now being a photographer myself I should have known that in the hands of a professional photographer it is actually not difficult to have your photograph taken.  Hannalee directed me beautifully.  Don’t think for one second that this come naturally to me.  Her calm way of working and step by step instructions made it all feel easy.  Looking at the end result now I am so glad she got me to do this.  I would recommend it to anyone.  Don’t put it off due to silly reasons.  I know them all; budget, time, weight 😉  Find the time, put it down in the budget as a bit of well-deserved me time and forget about the weight.  In the hands of a professional photographer such as Hannalee we all are gorgeous models.

A huge thank you to my friends Morné and Hannalee!  I love your work 🙂

You will find more of Hannalee’s work here