Shepstone Gardens wedding – Mr & Mrs Pottow

"shepstone gardens wedding"

It is that time of the year, silly season … that crazy hectic time just before Christmas where you don’t know where to start and with what to end.  I also usually end up having severe writers block round about this time of the year.  I have all these things I want to tell you about the beautiful Shepstone Gardens wedding of Jarrod and Nicole but the sentence construction eludes me.  Instead of trying for hours on end to find the perfect words to tell you more about their wedding I believe it is time to put down the proverbial pen and show their story in photos.  It actually sounds a bit like me trying to find the perfect Christmas presents for my family – a month ago I could tell you exactly what I would buy for each and every one.  Now that I have to do the actual buying I walk around in busy shopping centres for hours on end, not finding that one perfect gift.  But I am rambling, losing track of the real story.

Jarrod and Nicol had a picture perfect Shepstone Gardens wedding and if you are planning on getting married and don’t know about this venue it is well worth checking out.  It is beautiful beyond words with lots of photo opportunities and professional friendly staff.

So here it is – Mr and Mrs Pottow!  You had a beautiful wedding, we loved being part of the start of your future life together.  May it be blessed in abundance!

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