Summer Place Wedding – Masa and Nicole married

"Summer Place Sandton"


One look can say a thousand words and the look on Masa’s face when Nicole walked down the aisle said it all.  Summer Place in Sandton was the backdrop for Masa and Nicole’s beautiful wedding.  They were even blessed with a gorgeous rainbow that appeared after some sunshine rain.  Yes, the sun was shining brightly while it was raining softly.  Just as fast as the rain started it ended and we were left with a beautiful rainbow.  I will never get over the fact of how fast a wedding day goes by.  One moment we are capturing the bride getting ready and the next moment we are taking the married couple outside for their evening photos.  Always the perfect ending to a beautiful beginning.

Masa and Nicole, we loved sharing in your wedding day!  May you be blessed in abundance and may every day end with a rainbow!

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