Tres Jolie | The magical wedding of Arnoux & Daphne

"night photography"

Chilled, fun and magical would be the words I would use to describe Arnoux and Daphne’s wedding at Tres Jolie.  Chilled because even when one of the lace-up loops broke while getting dressed Daphne’s stayed calm and kept on smiling while her mom was sowing it back,  without her glasses I might add 😉 Magical because Arnoux made a rose appear out of thin air  – now I took photos while he performed this piece of magic and I still don’t understand how out of the fire appeared a rose.  And last fun, Daphne and her dad’s father daughter dance started out as the slow traditional dance but soon changed into this crazy dance with moves from Michael Jackson 😉

Arnoux and Daphne may your future together be filled with fun and magical moments!  May the beautiful start to your wedding be just the beginning of your future together!Tres_Jolie_Photography02Tres_Jolie_Photography03Tres_Jolie_Photography05Tres_Jolie_Photography06Tres_Jolie_Photography07Tres_Jolie_Photography09Tres_Jolie_Photography11Tres_Jolie_Photography12Tres_Jolie_Photography14Tres_Jolie_Photography15Tres_Jolie_Photography17Tres_Jolie_Photography19Tres_Jolie_Photography20Tres_Jolie_Photography21Tres_Jolie_Photography22Tres_Jolie_Photography24Tres_Jolie_Photography26Tres_Jolie_Photography27"Professional wedding photographer"Tres_Jolie_Photography30Tres_Jolie_Photography31Tres_Jolie_Photography34Tres_Jolie_Photography36Tres_Jolie_Photography39Tres_Jolie_Photography41




Tres_Jolie_Photography45"Tres Jolie"