Tres Jolie wedding photography – Kyle and Shelley’s magical day

"wedding photography"

I love being a wedding photographer.  Every bride en groom takes a little piece of my heart.  From the first moment I met Shelley and Kyle I was drawn to their warm, friendly personalities.  They make you feel welcome and at home from the first hello.  They both have ready smiles that light up in an instance.  It is easy to see why their family and friends love them.  They chose Tres Jolie for their wedding day celebration and it was a celebration from start to finish.  Shelley could not wait to step into her gorgeous wedding dress and marry the man of her dreams.  Kyle was calm and relaxed.  His dad could not attend the wedding being in hospital but it was very special to see him attending via Skype.  I always feel that the light (time 😉 ) on a wedding day goes by too fast.  Before you realize the sun is down and it is time for the reception to start.  I wish I could hold on to those last rays of sunlight just for a little bit.  That must be the reason why I had to master off-camera flash photography,  now I can take photos even after the sun has set!  We had the opportunity to take them out just for a short while during their reception and the wind decided to create magic for their photos by the fountain.  I love those photographs, they are the perfect ending to a beautiful, magical, fairy tale wedding!

Kyle and Shelley, thank you for making us part of your very special day!  Thank you for making us feel part of your family and friends.  I love my bracelet, thank you for thinking of me!

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