Pieter and Santie’s wedding day at Thornbirds in Alberton

Wedding photography

We arrived at Thornbirds under stormy skies, which soon started clearing on the day of Pieter and Santie’s wedding day.  As we were taking Pieter’s photographs it looked as if the storm might just miss us.  Storm warnings were issued and we kept a wary eye on the weather.  While we were wrapping up with Santie’s portraits her wedding co-ordinator told us we need to get to the chapel, the rain was on its way.  The skies turned dark and it threatened to rain any minute.  After their ceremony we managed to grab a couple of photographs in the lush green garden before the storm hit in full force.  What a storm it was.  While we continued with photographs in the chapel the storm increased in intensity and at some point it started hailing.  This time the storm warning was spot on.  The vast amount of water pouring from the skies ran straight through their reception venue and a huge clean-up effort was launched after the storm.  We kept Santie and Pieter busy with some more photographs 😉 no bride would want to see their venue flooded.  Even though the minister got their names wrong, it rained and hailed and their venue were flooded Santie and Pieter never stopped smiling.  It was wonderful to see the love between these two stunning people. This was there day, and it was a beautiful day!

Pieter and Santie, we loved working with you.  May you enjoy everlasting happiness!  Enjoy the preview of your wedding photographs!