Wedding at the Houghton Golf Club – Scott and Jenna – married!


Fire in the sky!  What a beautiful day to get married, a time for new begins and a hell of a party!  New Year’s Eve 2013!

We started our day at the Fire & Hotel in Melrose Arch, what an absolute exquisite hotel – a perfect background for photos.  Just around the corner at the African Pride Hotel Jenna and her girls where getting ready.  This weddings bridal party was huge 14 in total excluding Scott and Jenna.  Spirits was high and I had my job cut out for my trying to maintain their focus on the job at hand.  They had a beautiful, fitting church ceremony where after we left for The Houghton Golf Club for the reception and photo session.  A digital clock counted down the minutes left before midnight.  I have said it before but I will say it again – time flies at a wedding.  Well before midnight during the speeches the sky already lit up with fireworks.  Everybody was getting ready for 2014!

With an hour’s drive before us we said our goodbyes ready to see out the last bit of 2013 and bringing in 2014 with our family.  Standing on a ridge, looking out over Pretoria, Johannesburg and Sandton we saw the night skies light up in celebrations and we knew you guys where having the party of your life!  We wish you all the happiness and many more big celebrations in the coming years!

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