Wedding Photography – Three Rivers Lodge – Johan and Chané married!

"Night photography"

It was raining and they sky was ‘n beautiful dark colour as we were driving towards Three Rivers Lodge in Vereeniging.  Today was going to be a beautiful wet wedding!  I don’t mind the rain on a wedding day anymore.  My couples always take it in stride and trust us to create beautiful images for them.  I knew that even if it did rain this venue had more than enough beautiful spaces we could use for their photos should the rain not let up for a bit.  Now having said that when we arrived the skies were clear and blue and there were no signs of rain.  While getting Chané ready for the ceremony the skies opened up and we had a full on storm, rain pelted down and thunder rumbled close by.  The rain turned softer just in time for Chané to walk to the chapel and came back in full force during the ceremony.  This was going to be one of the wettest weddings ever but just as fast as the storm started it ended leaving us with gorgeous crisp light right after the ceremony.  We even had a bit of sunlight to play with.

Johan and Chané you are a beautiful couple, inside and out.  I love how your story started, best pickup line ever!  We wish you many more happy years together, may you be blessed in abundance for years to come.

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