Zakopane wedding photography – Stephen & Stephanie’s wedding

"Zakopane wedding photography"

Perfect light, venue and a beautiful couple.  This was the second time round photographing for this wonderful family, this time round we traveled to Zakopane in Brits.  The first time I met Stephanie was as a bridesmaid for her brother’s wedding at The Bridge in Muldersdrift.  When she asked me to photograph her wedding I was thrilled.  Stephanie is a gorgeous lady with an infectious smile.  Together Stephen and Stephanie make the perfect couple.  The love between them is evident in every photograph.  For their couple photographs we were hoping for a little bit of clouds in the winter sky.  Dreams came true and we had perfect blue skies with brilliant white wispy clouds to add just a bit of definition.  Much later in the evening Stephanie even braved the cold for some very special night photographs.  With Stephan by her side I don’t think that she even felt the chill in the air.

Stephen and Stephanie, thank you for inviting us back into your family for your beautiful wedding.  We wish you even more special days.  May your future together be as beautiful as your wedding day!  Enjoy the preview!

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