What should we do to prepare for our shoot?

I will be sending you loads of information once you have booked with me and we will also talk over the phone to go through any questions and ideas that you have.  Decide on the look for your shoot and what everyone will be wearing.  Start planning your outfits as soon as your shoot is booked and we have discussed your session.  You don’t want to be running around on the day of the shoot trying to find that final outfit.  I will be working with you every step of the way, giving advice on location, colors and clothing so don’t stress about this too much.  Once your outfits are planned just relax.  The less pressure you put on yourself and your family the more you will enjoy the shoot.

I am worried about the little ones not cooperating during the session

One of the reasons why I love shooting in a natural, relaxed environment such as the botanical gardens is that children can run around and not feel the pressure of sitting quietly in a hot studio environment.  The relaxed outdoors gives children the chance to let their unique personalities shine through.  I have loads of experience with children and I am very patient so leave the little ones for me and relax and enjoy your shoot.

Where and when will the photo session take place?

Location is an important factor when planning your family photography session.  I will assist you in choosing a location that is a place where you and your family feel happy, relaxed and comfortable, perhaps a location that have special meaning.  I have a couple of great places to shoot at and new ideas would always be welcome.  The shoots generally take place either early morning or late afternoon.  This is to capture that beautiful soft sun light.

What happen if it rains on our session date?

If the weather takes a turn for the worst we reschedule your session to another suitable time.

Do you have a studio

I have a home based studio in Roodepoort that you can use should you not choose to do a location shoot.

Please contact me for more information on packages, pricing and availability.  I would love to hear from you.