Before the day of digital cameras and one hour printing labs we booked a photography session with professional photographers at their studios.  These sessions was booked and planned well in advance.  Those photographs became keep sakes, memories, treasured and loved to this day.  Glamour photography or portraiture couture is a modern twist on these old school photography sessions.  My aim is to make you look and feel beautiful and then to send you home with a stunning collection of images that celebrate you.   Let me tell you my story and how I came to realize that I should expand my wedding photography business to include a glamour studio.

I am always behind the camera, never in photographs being taken.  There is always an excuse, my hair, I am not wearing makeup, I am not dressed for the occasion and the list goes on and on.  Those are just the excuses I say out loud but in the back of my mind I think I don’t look good enough, pretty enough.  I need to lose those extra kilos, then we will have a photoshoot with me in it.  I have postponed having my photo taken for the past 12 years.  Now I have come to the shocking realization that I have let precious moments slip through my fingers.  I have a record of my kids growing up but without me in those moments.

I would most probably still have made excuse after excuse if it was not for my dear friend Hanna who made me pose for her.  The sad truth is, if she did not ask me (more like forced me) to be one of her models I would still not fully understand the value of owning a stunning photograph of myself.  It does absolute wonders for your self-esteem.

Being a photographer myself I know that I can take a stunning photograph of any person in front of my lens.  I just never realized I should trust someone to do the same for me.  We always book a professional photography session for special occasions such as weddings.  How many of us have a beautiful photograph taken after our wedding day?  I for one don’t have any beautiful photographs of myself for the past 12 years, my wedding day being the last.  I have changed so much and am now sad that I haven’t kept a photographic record of my journey through live.   This is all about to change.  I will be in photos more often and I will book a session every couple of years.  I want to celebrate being me, with my extra kilo’s and all.

After my session I realized that everybody should feel beautiful, glamorous and just love themselves.  And since I believe that glamour photography fits nicely in with wedding photography my glamour studio was born.  I believe every woman can be a cover girl for a day and that you should celebrate just being you.  I therefore invite you to spoil yourself or book the ultimate girl’s day out.  Let go of all the excuses and book a session.  Real woman deserves to feel glamorous to.

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"Glamour photography""Glamour Photography""Glamour photography"

"Glamour photography"


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